Lets go through the inside.  The following will be a mix of photo’s pre and post closing to give you an idea of what we walked through when we first saw it and what was in store for us when we got to it empty.  I actually had my tools in the Jeep and ready to go the day of the closing.  Exactly 30 min after the closing we were at Home Depot and one hour later I was ripping the cabinets out of the kitchen.  Lizzy thought I was out of my mind…

When building our plan the goal is to make this a turn key, functional home for a young couple or family.

We want it to have high end finishing touches combined with an open layout to make it appealing to the young and modern buyer.  

Buckle up.  This is a long one.

First Floor

The first floor has a center staircase with living room on the right and dining room on the left.

When we first walked the house there was so much stuff in it that it made it feel super closed in.

After the closing we realized there is actually a lot of space the rooms are huge!

The living room has some quirks.

  There is a full steel beam running the width that will have to be boxed in.  

We originally thought we could save the floor but after seeing it empty there are too many spots where the floor was cut  By the time we try to splice it together we might as well just tear it up and replace it.

Because we want an open layout this means all the floors will come up so that we can install one continuous wood floor that matches throughout.

The entire first floor has wallpaper so that will have to come down as well.

Thats a lot of nutcrackers...

Next to the front door is a closet that takes up valuable space.

Since we plan on adding a mud room out back, the closet will go and a short 2 foot wall will stay to create an entry area or place to hang a coat on a bank of hooks.

On the right there is a random wall which used to have a piano on the back side.

The stain glass and wall are going to get ripped out opening the room up.

Between tearing out the closet and wall we hope to create a much better flow and open layout.

Currently an office/laundry room, the back corner of the house is the perfect spot for a mudroom.

With the back door directly next to the stairs to the driveway, this room will end up being the main point of entry for anyone who lives here.

A tile floor, and built in bench/storage wall will be created in order to make this a useful mudroom.

By the way this is the room that is considered the 4


bedroom on the listing.

Obviously a reach, so we are eliminating it but feel the usefulness of the mudroom is worth it.

Here are some shots from right to left with the room empty...

The layout of the kitchen is just not practical.

The refrigerator is isolated in the far corner and the peninsula/hall desk makes it feel really closed in.

The plan here is to gut it to the studs.

The layout will change completely moving the stove across the room and adding a bank of cabinets on the outside wall.

We will change the slider to a single French door, adding a larger window above the sink and making this a useful layout for every day life and entertaining.

The cabinets in the hall will go leaving a more open walkway

Sneak peak of the new kitchen layout.  

The wall between the dining room and kitchen is going to come down as well.

It’s a 12 foot load bearing wall.  This will require a manufactured beam fit into the ceiling to hold the second floor up.

A new peninsula will be added where the window on the outside wall is, creating a breakfast bar.

That window will also be eliminated. Who wants to look at the wall of the house next door?

These changes will completely change the layout and feel of the home.

It exposes the fireplace nicely and creates a large open living space!

Wall coming down / window being eliminated

I just don't get it...

The brick will get a facelift with some rusty granite tile

Finally the first floor bath is more than disgusting…

The tub doesn’t drain, the window is completely rotten and the sink is falling off the wall.

Complete gut job.

The plan is to push the right wall into the mudroom picking up 12” and making it larger.

A walk in tile shower, Kohler toilet, pedestal sink, new window , new door and open shelves instead of the closet will finish this puppy out.

Second Floor

The second floor is not so bad.

The stairs and hall hardwood are in good shape so a quick refinish and new lights and this is good to go.

The bath is going to be gut and a new larger tub will go in.

The left wall will push 12 inches over making more room for a new vanity and larger layout.

Tile floor and some nice finishing touches will make it pleasant room to walk into in the AM.

Sorry guys I only had one pic before it got gut...

The master bedroom needs some help.

After the rug goes the slider will get changed and a large walk in closet will be created in the front half of the room.

Double glass French doors will lead you into the closet and still allow for light to come through the gable window.

  A r

ug will finish the room off for a soft feel.

And of course more wallpaper!

Lizzy is looking forward to all that stripping that’s for sure…


The two bedrooms need some cosmetic work but overall are not a ton of work.

The first will get a paint job, some minor tweaks to the heat and a rug.

The second will get a paint job and that strange box in the wall will come out as well as the skylight.  New lights and a rug will finish both.


The basement is a mess.

The previous owner installed walls and lights all over the place creating an illegal apartment.

Our goal is to take a bunch of the walls down and create a large open layout.

The good thing is that it is HUGE.

After a day of demo we should have a full 1000S.F. of usable space!

As a walk out this is a great selling point and will be the perfect play area or man cave for sure.

Fuzzy shot of this dark and dreary basement...

With all this work comes a lot of gutting, electrical work and plumbing.

In fact we are most likely going to re pipe the entire house minus the heat system.

But even that will get some updates.

The wiring is not terrible but there is a 100 amp service to the house.

  Today's digital world really demands a 200 amp service so we will update it.

All the plugs will get updated and both baths/kitchen will get rewired.

So basically we will end up rewiring the entire house.

I just keep telling myself that the profit margin is there.

Just get it done and back on the market!

Now I have to order a dumpster.

Spoiler Alert – we are currently on our fifth...  

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