PJ, a Cape Cod native grew up visiting his dad in Connecticut where he learned his family trade of Carpentry.  Being surrounded by mechanics and trades people in his family he quickly learned many additional trades including general contracting, landscaping, finish carpentry and more.  After attending Hofstra University for communications he pursued a career in the corporate world building a knowledge base of marketing, sales and communications.  

After years of the corporate world experience he started to take his skills as a manager and adapting them to his hands on skills as a carpenter.  The natural step was to start buying, fixing and selling real estate.  His philosophy is to buy the cheapest houses in the most expensive neighborhoods.  He looks for the worst of the worst, the house everyone else turns their nose at.  In his mind every house has potential, you just need to buy it right.  Some just some need a bit more love than others...

PJ resides in Dedham Ma and operates his business on the south shore of Massachusetts.  He lives with his wife Lizzy, daughter Oakley and never lets his sidekick Copper leave his side.